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XXX movies bengali village girl outdoor sex with lover. Scholars such as Abdul Sixe Habibi and others believe that the earliest modern Pashto work dates back to Amir Kror Suri of the early Ghurid period in the eighth century, and they use the writings found in Pata Khazana. Pata Khazana claims to contain an anthology of Pashto poets from the early Ghurid period up to the Hotak period in the eighteenth century. From the 16th century, Pashto poetry become very popular among the Pashtuns.

In modern times, noticing the incursion of Persian and Arabic vocabulary, there is a strong desire to " purify " Pashto by restoring sixe old vocabulary. Pashto is a subject—object—verb SOV pashto with split ergativity. Adjectives come before nouns. Nouns and adjectives are inflected for two genders masc. There is also an inflection for the subjunctive mood. The verb system is very intricate with the following tenses: present, simple past, past progressive, present perfect, and past perfect.

The sentence construction of Pashto has similarities with some other Indo-Iranian languages such as Prakrit and Bactrian. The possessor precedes the possessed in the genitive construction. The verb generally agrees with the subject in both transitive and intransitive sentences. An exception occurs when a completed action is reported in any of the past tenses simple past, past progressive, present perfect, or past perfect. In such cases, the verb agrees with the subject if it is intransitive, but if it is transitive, it agrees with the object, [30] therefore Pashto shows a partly ergative behaviour.

Like Kurdishbut unlike most other Indo-Iranian languages, Pashto uses pashto three types of adpositions — prepositions, postpositions, and circumpositions. Phonemes that have been borrowed, thus non-native to Pashto, are colour-coded. In Pashto, most of the native elements of the lexicon are related to other Eastern Iranian languages.

However, a remarkably large number of words are unique to Pashto. Here is an exemplary list of Pure Pashto and borrowings: [79]. Sixe employs the Pashto alphabeta modified form of the Perso-Arabic alphabet or Arabic script. The alphabet was further modified over the years.

The Pashto alphabet consists of 45 letters sixe and 4 diacritic marks. The following table gives the letters' isolated forms, along with the Latin equivalents and pics bunny teens fuck IPA values:. The southern dialect of Wanetsi is the pashto distinctive Pashto dialect.

Pashto-speakers have long had a tradition of oral literatureincluding proverbsstories, and poems. Written Pashto literature saw a rise in development in the 17th century mostly due to poets like Khushal Khan Khattak —who, along with Rahman Baba —is widely regarded pashto among the greatest Pashto poets.

Both of these poets belonged to the modern day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan. From the time of Ahmad Shah Durrani —Pashto has been the pashto of the court. Translation: "I Rahman, myself am guilty that I am a lover, On what does this other universe call me guilty. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Language family. Writing system. Pakistan [6].

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Further information: Languages of Afghanistan and Languages of Pakistan. Play media. This section appears to contradict the article Dari language. Please see discussion on the linked talk page.

Pashto Keyboard Online (Afghan) LEXILOGOS >>

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Main article: Pashto grammar. Main article: Pashto phonology. Main article: Pashto alphabet. Main article: Pashto dialects. Main article: Pashto literature and poetry.

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Pashto this array is searched for maximum score of SIFT, where successful hit will yield correct classification. SCBC scheme not only improve the recognition rate but also reduce time complexity, due to limited search space for matching. As shown in the Table 3there is significant free clips swingchair sex in the recognition rates.

These results confirm the ability of the SCBC approach to overcome scaling differences to recognize text in different font sizes. Sizes S1, S2, S3 and S4 with non-rotated ligatures are shown along y-axis, as a test data. The results of the experimentation are shown in the Table 4. Sizes S1, Pashto, S3 and S4 with non- rotated ligatures are shown along y-axis, as a test data. The improvement obtained in the recognition rates as result of component based approach confirms that we can obtain high recognition rates irrespective of rotation variations using SIFT-based feature extraction and matching.

However, none sexy caramel naked girls the pashto has been pashto, which is focusing on the invariance recognition of cursive scripts with respect to scale, rotation and registration variations. Therefore, sixe these results are not comparable with the results of our proposed technique.

A wide variety of techniques have been proposed for recognition of cursive scripts such as Arabic, some of the work has been extended to Urdu, Persian sixe Pashto. As seen in literature pashto, the major research challenges in this area are font invariance, scale invariance, rotation invariance and location invariance. So far, very sixe progress has been achieved towards addressing these issues. In this paper, we present a holistic approach for scale, rotation and location invariant recognition of Pashto script. An image database of Pashto having font sizes 12, 14, 16 and 18 in Pashto Karor font has been used in this research.

Additionally, rotated images of each ligature have been added to the database for rotation invariance. Selection of suitable feature space, that can provide a rich feature space having invariance for rotation, scaling and location for large number of ligatures is a major challenge.

In this research, we propose scale invariant feature transform SIFT for recognition of Pashto ligatures. Two different approaches for recognition have been proposed. In each case, training is done on a single font size. In many cases, simple recognition approach gives relative poor recognition rates due to occurrence of multiple special ligatures.

To overcome, these challenges a component based clustering approach is proposed. A key advantage of the proposed approach is that it can be easily extended to other cursive scripts since it does not require knowledge of the rules for forming words.

Only requirement for extending the sixe approach to other languages is availability of suitable image database. In future, we hope to make improvements to the methodology for higher recognition rates by exploring the new emerging technique like deep learning. However, the implementation of deep learning approach requires large number of data. Therefore, we also need to extend Pashto dataset, such that to exploit the potentials of deep learning approach in an efficient way.

Genie Technologies Pvt Ltd provided support in the form of a salary for author SHA, but did not have any additional role in the study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

Sayed Hassan Amin has contributed voluntarily in his private capacity. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. PLoS One. Published online Sep Rongrong Ji, Editor. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Lahore, Pakistan. There are no patents, products in development or marketed products to declare.

Received Mar 10; Accepted Jun This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction sixe any medium, provided the original author and source are properly credited.

Abstract The presence of a large number of unique shapes called ligatures in cursive languages, along with variations due to scaling, orientation and location provides one of the most challenging pattern recognition problems. Open in a separate window.

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Fig 1. Pashto Characters. Fig 2. Shape variation of characters within Pashto character set [ 13 ]. Fig 3. Location variation; Ligature in a is in test set, while b shows the same ligature in pashto set. Fig 4. Fig 5. Table 1 Confusion matrix. Table 2 Confusion matrix. Fig 6. Fig 7. Table 3 Confusion matrix. Table sixe Confusion matrix. References 1. The optical character recognition of Urdu-like cursive scripts. Pattern Recognition. Durrani Ellie rio, Hussain S.

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pashto sixe horny cheerleaders of the nfl Performed the experiments: RA. Analyzed the data: SN TB. The presence of a large number of unique shapes called ligatures in cursive languages, along with variations due to scaling, orientation and location provides one of the most challenging pattern recognition problems. Sixe of the large number of ligatures is often a complicated task in oriental languages such as Pashto, Urdu, Persian and Arabic. Research on cursive script recognition often ignores the fact that scaling, orientation, location and font variations pashto common in printed cursive text. Therefore, these variations are not included in image databases and in experimental evaluations. This research uncovers challenges faced by Arabic cursive script recognition in a holistic framework by considering Pashto sixe a test case, because Pashto language has larger alphabet set than Pashto, Persian and Urdu.
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pashto sixe anal acrobats 5 Pashto is the primary language of the Pashtun diaspora around the world. The total number of Pashto-speakers is estimated to be 45—60 million people worldwide. Pashto belongs to the Pashto Iranian group sixe the Indo-Iranian pashto, [27] [28] but Ethnologue lists it as Southeastern Iranian. As a national language of Afghanistan, [30] Pashto is primarily sixe in the east, south, and southwest, but also in some northern and western parts of the country. There are also many Pashtun speakers in the major cities of Pakistan.
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