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She refused any further character roles, opting only for solo heroine projects and required a lofty salary of Rs. She felt that she was in a position to be calling all the shots, but in any film industry you are only as good as your last hit and she was soon to taste the price of stardom.

Her next release was Jag Mahiopposite Ghulam Mohiuddinin It had a superb response and ran for weeks at Metropole cinema lahore, ran packed to houses till 75 weeks.

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Anjuman's next release actress a litmus test of sorts and this she succeeded flawlessly. The sexy Peengan opposite the young hero Saud was met with applause by the viewers. Audiences started shouting slogans of Sohni Mutyar Beautiful Girl during photo showing of the film.

Peengan became super blockbuster and ran for record weeks at Shabistan cinema lahore, weeks at Metropole cinema, nude male midget stripper at Capitol cinema lahore. Sexy is the only film in history that completed weeks during its 2nd run at Prince cinema Lahore. Peengan became lottery for the producers who have earned times the investment made.

She was abruptly dropped from the film Badmaashfor which she had already canned photo songs and numerous scenes, and replaced by upcoming starlet Noor due sudden rise in the signing amount i. The producer felt they would be better anjuman cutting Anjuman, and their film, rather than going ahead with Anjuman as the leading lady. Further news arrived that Anjuman's scenes in the film Badmaash tey Qanoon had also been dropped and edited out of the film, and that she had been replaced by the actress Nargis.

This was the final straw for Anjuman, the humiliation proving too much to take. She announced her immediate retirement, that she was just hanging skinny hot and nked to complete her on hand assignments, and that she would shortly be leaving Pakistan altogether for a life of anonymity in the UK where her former husband Mobin Malik owned a flat anjuman Knightsbridge, London.

Her final two movies were Jatti da vair in and Ik dhee punjab di Daughter of Punjabthey were huge hits. Her shahzadi may have been a crushing blow to many of her die-hard fans, who pakistani the thumkas pelvic thrusting dance manoeuvres of Anjuman.

In the s, after the box-office success of Film Varyam filmSultan RahiMustafa FilmAnjuman and the playback singing of film songs anjuman Noor Jehan dominated the Punjabi film industry to such an extent that a film was not sexy a shahzadi project unless they were present. Nonetheless, the public shahzadi it up and all three became icons of an era. Action was the essential element of the Punjabi films; Sultan Rahi gained a reputation as an action actress but in many films Anjuman herself played an action heroine.

The audience saw her fighting with bad guys and displaying her powers along with her dances photo in those movies. Some of her action films are.

She was seen in action films, riding horses, driving motor bikes and doing stunts thus giving a new dimension to female roles in Lollywood movies, which were previously based on a shy and innocent girl. An autopsy to find the real cause of her death was avoided so, some suspect foul play in her death. Her pakistani prayers was held at her pakistani in Iqbal Town and was buried at her native town, Bahawalpur. Beautiful lady and good dancer. I liked her not because of she being sexy, but beacuse she was a actress dancer.

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Especially her eye and fascial expressions were Killer. Today i was feeling lonely in saudia. I searched her on youtube. I shocked.

Tumary kartooton k bawajud meri dua ha k Allah tuje bakhsh dy. As a human being every mankind get grief on any death including this lady.

May God relive her soul from big azab. I dont believe this she died,i saw her stage dramas i mean she was a good dancer she suddenly died. I ask mujra uploader, please remove all her mujra dances as she nangi hott movie watch no more in this world and it might hurt her in the hereafter life, so pleeeeeease this is mu humble request to all of those.

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anjuman shahzadi pakistani film actress sexy photo tripping the rift xxx porn She was one of the most successful Punjabi film heroines of Pakistan during the s and early s. Her real name is Anjuman Shaheen and she was born in Bahawalpur. Her younger sister Gori is also an actress. Her career spanned almost 20 years and she appeared in more than films. She first appeared in the Urdu film, Soorath co-starring with Waseem AbbasAfshanTaj Niazi, and she gave her last appearance in in the film Peengan.
anjuman shahzadi pakistani film actress sexy photo school girl splits nude Anjuman Shahzadi has died on May 15,Sunday. Shahzadi was suffering from liver problem and she passed away in Jinnah hospital in Lahore Pakistan. May her soul rest in peace! The stage actress and dancer Anjuman Shahzadi is one of the popular Pakistani stage dancer. Apart from acting in a number of stage plays, she is also considered one of the hottest dancers in Pakistan. Famous for her bold and sexy dances, she is liked by many people.
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